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We believe in working together because everyone is unique in their skills, personality and abilities. Clarion is a unified creative force, and we love to bounce ideas off each other, always keeping in mind of our client’s objectives.


We uphold a culture of innovation and creativity. We believe creativity is a business tool and aim to drive competitive advantage, through our unique approaches and strategies. Our goal is to concoct powerful advertising concepts which will drive consumers to brand purchase.


We live by the formula: A-I- D-A: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. We spend time identifying and understanding your target audience and we try to think from their shoes. We aim to clench people’s attention, hold it- and drive brand purchase.


We present concepts that are clear and concise and we structure our communication in a way that makes sense to the target market. We believe in the formulae "KISS"(keep it simple and silly) and so we don’t use overloaded language. If you have budget constraints, we work with you to tailor a package that suit your requirements. We ensure that your budgets always taken into account. We aim to lower the costs and deliver the best results.